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>> Both Uno-1 and Nano-5 are "3 in 1"products of Uno Fortune Inc., what are the differences between them?

>> What benefits can Uno-1 bring me?

>> How to demonstrate the advantages of the agricultural products applied with Uno-1 in the market competition?

>> What are the limitations for using Uno-1? Does it need to be used with other combinations?

>> How to differentiate authentic or fake?

>> What is "nano"? What relations do nano products have with organic agriculture?

>> Is the smell strong?

>> How to order Uno-1?

>> How to use Uno-1?

>> How to dilute Uno-1?

Both Uno-1 and Nano-5 are "3 in 1"products of Uno Fortune Inc., what are the differences between them?

Uno Fortune's "3 in 1" products are divided into two categories: The 3 in 1-Natural Mucilage Organic Fertilizer (introduced since 1994), and 3 in 1-Natural Plant Activity Enzyme (introduced since 2010). Both products contain "G-protein as an effective ingredient", allowing its demand from plants and animals being far exceeding the disease and pest damages, and the latter is added with "Plant Activity Enzyme" to enhance the effectiveness of "effective formula G-protein". Currently, the latest product of 3 in 1-Natural Mucilage Organic Fertilizer is Nano-5, and that of 3 in 1-Natural Plant Activity Enzyme is Uno-1.

What benefits can Uno-1 bring me?

Since 1993, Uno Fortune Inc. has begun advocating the sustainable, organic and nontoxic farming method. "No need to combine with the usage of toxin" is the friendly guarantee provided by our company for users, even for consumers for agricultural products. Now, we still insist on this. Also, we have many more long-term users who trust in our company's products— they are healthy physically and have clean environments, and their agricultural products' prices are excellent and stable, while the consumers who buy the agricultural products also gain guarantee of safety. The long-term customers who have used our products in large quantity continuously for more than 15 years are the responses to show satisfaction and trust in our company's products! If you are willing to try, we believe that their experience can be duplicated to the management of your farm:

  1. No more risk of the collapse of the whole agricultural products' prices resulting from the examined overdosed insecticides and forbidden medicine.
  2. Users and consumers have no risk of being affected by poison if eating by mistake. What's more, agricultural examinations can be undertaken immediately after the spray.
  3. No problems in drug resistance of blight exist. For long-term users, the cure rate of blight is close to 100%; the deterrent effect is almost perfect. A benign circle will form: No need and not necessary to use insecticides, with lower materials costs, while both quantity and quality of agricultural products are good, and the agricultural products have high prices which make your economy stable.
  4. Butterflies, bees and earthworms regain their vitality; birds also come to nest and seek for food. The farm has balanced ecology, which is easier and healthier to be managed.
  5. Convenient, time-saving and effort-saving; when used if combined with water, it can do watering and fertilizing at the same time. Plant growth, blight extermination and blight prevention can be achieved at a time.
  6. The quality of the agricultural products is excellent, which ranks second to none in the industry.
  7. It is the best introductory product for switching to a purely organic farming with 100% of non-insecticides, which will allow you to switch your ways easily and successfully by using it solely in shortest time, by spending least amount of money, and with least equipment.

Uno-1 has the capacity for completing the procedure of plant cultivation under the condition of being used solely, which can maintain the quality at good level. Therefore, in order to understand what benefits Uno-1 will bring you, we suggest the way for you to experience is: using Uno-1 solely in small square measure of crops. You can adjust the density for all your needs, to complete the entire procedure of plant cultivation till harvesting. After you have experienced it, you can enlarge the used square measure.

Because the product can resist various kinds of blight and has powerful functions for plant growth, Uno-1 helps you get rid of the traditional thinking—"Many kinds of insecticides and fertilization have to be used in farming, and should be combined in great variety during some specific timeframe". Uno-1 helps you work efficiently with low cost, and the entire final economic benefits will be the parts that show the value.

How to demonstrate the advantages of the agricultural products applied with Uno-1 in the market competition?

  1. Examining nitrate: Nitrate is a carcinogenic factor. However, the content of nitrate has no direct correlation with whether organic farming is adopted or not. According to the stipulations by The Joint FAO/WHO Experts Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) in 1996, take an adult of 75kg as an example, the daily intake of nitrate should not exceed 277mg. Besides, according to the content of nitrate in vegetables or fruits stipulated by EU in 2002, it should not exceed 2000~4500 mg per kg of vegetables or fruits (different depending on seasons and strains). Uno-1 can help you reduce the content of nitrate by 75% effectively, which is worthy of the best advantage and demonstration for you who invest in export markets and pay attention to health.
  2. Examine the quantity of insecticide residual at any time: In addition to that birds, frogs, bees and butterflies will no longer be harmed, no matter how dense the Uno-1 you've used is, the examination on insecticide residual can be undertaken at any time and anywhere, so that the credibility of the agricultural product's safety will be kept. If insecticides are forbidden to be used in the future, "organic" will no longer belong to the rich persons' exclusive enjoyment. Besides, when "organic" becomes the fundamental principle of crop cultivation, the focus of examination will be whether the content of nitrate has been reduced or not, as well as the enhancement of nutritious ingredients.
  3. Examination of nutritious ingredients; In addition to taste, appearance and safety, the agricultural products with high value of nutrition not only can be edible, but also can be provided for related units for extracts of high-price ingredients.
  4. The plants used with Uno-1 have strong vitality, which can show significant advantages in their tolerance (namely adaptation) to weather and environments. For example: summer vegetables or fruits can be planted in winter, while winter vegetables or fruits can be planted in summer; the plants suitable for growing in the mountains can also be reproduced substantially on the hot level ground. The survival rate of crops when typhoons come will be enhanced. The phenomenon of fruit falling due to wind disasters will be reduced. The survival rate and completeness of drown crops will be enhanced. The product's particularity can be applied to the development of new strains or the cultivation of foreign plants, and is also the only one efficient instrument to counter global warming! Under such a circumstance with global warming, rapid population growth and increased health awareness, how to produce organic and nontoxic food provisions substantially within limited infields will be the issue that people should face in the future. In such an era with a hot, level and crowded world, Uno-1 will be your best green competitiveness!

What are the limitations for using Uno-1? Does it need to be used with other combinations?

Except that diffusing agent, Chitosan, oily, chemical agent and insecticides should not be used for combination, Uno-1 has no other problems in combination. Because the main ingredients in the product have been reduced to the size of nanometer, they can spread evenly after being mixed with water, and they can be absorbed by plants quickly, which is different from traditional fertilizer that needs diffusing agent for attachment to achieve the purpose of absorption because of its large molecules.
Uno-1 needs no other combination for usage. By sole usage, it can complete plant cultivation. Because Uno-1 has no side effect of attracting blight, no extra costs and time will be invested in relieving side effects. Also, Uno-1 has no ingredients of insecticides, and has no side effect of drug resistance of blight; no vicious circle in which the density will be higher and higher will exist. Uno-1 let you enter a benign circle, with almost perfect blight treatment and deterrence. Uno-1 is significant in facilitating growth, able to increase yields, advance the time of harvesting, reduce human resource cost, and enhance profits. Uno-1 has the advantage of helping crops conquer the factors of weather and environment, without limitations of seasons and production places. Therefore, on the contrary, its sole usage can reduce the whole costs and enhance economic effectiveness!

How to differentiate authentic or fake?

Since its release in 1993, "3 in 1 Natural Mucilage Organic Fertilizer ®" has been imitated and faked continuously for many years. Because the product belongs to the ones that need high threshold of manufacturing technique, if you buy any bad and inferior fake, you might suffer from the risk of being affected by poison due to toxin or insecticides, in addition to the results of severe loss. Therefore, in addition to that our company resorts to the laws for striking at fakes, consumers can make the following checks when buying, in order to protect your own rights!

What is "nano"? What relations do nano products have with organic agriculture?

"Nano" does not mean an object. Actually, just like "meter", nano is only a kind of length unit. Our company makes the "G-protein with Effective Ingredient" be nanosized (namely "miniaturized" in brief). At present, the most commonly seen nano product is titania (TiO2), which is used for cleansing products, household electric appliances, facial masks, sun block, etc. Titania is a typical photo-catalyst (the oxides such as TiO2, ZnO, SnO2, and ZrO2, as well as the sulfides such as CdS and ZnS, are all photo-catalysts.) Photo-catalysts can take advantage of the illumination of ultraviolet or sunlight, to decompose organic matters and then reach the function of sterilization. However, the nanosized titania has bad influence on cerebral neuron, so farmers can not apply it to agricultural sterilization. Besides, in the UK and Australia, the nanosized titania has been forbidden to be used for organic agriculture. Therefore, when buying Uno-1, please recognize that the products from Uno Fortune Inc. are the only legitimate nano products able to be used for agriculture, because Uno-1 is organic! Uno-1 is the nanosized "G-protein with Effective Ingredien". Uno-1 is the only one agricultural product containing no nanosized titania in the world. When buying, please notice the problem of fakes, in addition to paying attention to the nanosized ingredients, in order to protect your own and consumers' safety indeed.

Is the smell strong?

The statement of judgment on the smell of Uno-1 said by our customers is: cinnamon aroma, milk-tea fragrance; fragrant, not smelly. Although this product is fertilizer, its ingredients are edible for animals or humans; so, no problems such as eating by mistake to be poisoned as well as the residual of insecticides will exist. Please be reassured to buy it.

How to order Uno-1?

Before buying, please make sure in advance that you've understood and accepted this product's functional principle and methods, and make sure that you have a permission certificate of importing organic fertilizer in the country where you reside in. We provide the following two ways of purchasing. In order to prevent frauds, we only collect the money for only one time, and then we will not collect any money via any nominal item, nor do we ask to change the way of collecting money after we have received the money. If you have any question, please make confirmation by contacting us through official contact ways, such as e-mail and so on.
The First Way: Bank Remittance
The second Way: PayPal Remittance via E-mail
Step 1: Please provide the receiver's correct name, telephone name and address, as well as the specifications and quantities, via E-mail. The price-reporting will be finished within 24 hours. We will respond to you within 24 hours, and tell you the product prices, transportation charges and insurance premium based on USD as the currency unit; then, we will wait for your reply to your agreement on the purchase.
Step 2: After you agree to buy, we will inform you of your exclusive transaction code; please check it in the next mail whose topic is "PayPal money request from Uno Fortune Inc.".
Step: Please complete your payment via PayPal System in this mail whose topic is "PayPal money request from Uno Fortune Inc.".
Step 3.1: Please go to PayPal and register your membership in advance.
Step 3.2: Open the mail whose topic is "PayPal money request from Uno Fortune Inc."
Step 3.3: Confirm the exclusive code of this transaction
Step 3.4: Click "Pay Now"
Step 3.5: Enter the password you've registered in PayPal
Step 3.6: Confirm the amount of money, and then click "Pay" to complete your payment
Step 3.7: You can check your PayPal account to inquire about the data of every transaction
Step 4. After you complete the payment, our company will provide you with the manifest number. You can inquire about the process of cargo delivery via internet at any time. Please use PayPal System to complete your payment in the delivered mail:
After the one-time fees have been collected, we will no longer collect any outlay based on any nominal item afterward. Please check the Evergreen website for cargo tracking, to understand the delivery process of your cargo.

How to use Uno-1?

★ Channels for understanding Uno Fortune Inc. products:
1. Specification
2. Go to the official website, for much more information related to our products and downloading specifications.
3. If you have any question, please e-mail to our company. We will give you a reply within 24 hours.

★ The way of usage is simple, namely: to kill the worm by spraying on it (500 fold dilution; one time every 3~5 days); the disease will be cured only by root watering (500 fold dilution; one time every 3~5 days); keep maintenance ordinarily (1000 fold dilution; one time every 5~10 days). The standard for the plant's recovery of health is: the new born sprouts are not infected with blight anymore. When the blight is restrained from spreading, you can keep maintenance ordinarily by the 1000 fold dilution.

★ Test on the plant's adaptation: When using it for the first time, please spray it on the surface of the leaves and do root watering, on small square measure or on several plants, with 500 fold dilution, one time every 3 days. After making sure that the function of Uno-1 has no bad influence on the plants, you can enlarge the square measure for usage.

PS: The way of root watering is: pour the diluted Uno-1 onto the soil close to the plant's roots.

How to dilute Uno-1?

Although the product is liquid, the unit of weight is marked on its package, instead of volume. The specific weight of Uno-1 is 1.2~1.4g/ml. Therefore, the volume of 1 kg of canned Uno-1 is 714~833ml. We suggest you that use "weight" to be the unit for dilution; for example: By mixing 1 kg of Nano-5 with 0.5 ton of water, you will have 500 fold dilution, while you will have 1000 fold dilution by mixing 1 kg of Uno-1 with 1 ton of water, andso forth. For detailed ways to dilute, please refer to Page 5 of the Specification. Any kind of water is suitable for Uno-1 dilution, except industrial waste water and contaminated water.
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